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Comic Life 3.0.1 22/10/13 Trial version English
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Turn your photos into a comic book

Cyril Roger

Recent changes

  • General stability improvements
  • Template localization changes
  • Easy editing
  • Webcam capture
  • Comic lettering and bubbles
  • Great fun to use
  • Can use a lot of RAM

Comic Life gives you a super-quick and easy way to create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums and enticing instruction booklets to name a few of the many possibilities. Included are professional and fun templates, ready to drag and drop onto your page for instant attractive photo layouts. Or if you like to be in control, position your photos and panels how you like and save them for later use.

Your iPhoto library and hard drive files are always at your fingertip - just drag in your pictures. Drag on some captions, 'sound effect' text (‘ka-blam!') and speech bubbles and your work is done!

Share your creations with friends and family! Comic Life supports .Mac, html, QuickTime and JPEG exports, so you can share on your website, blog or via email. Comic Life's .Mac support includes RSS feeds, allowing anyone to subscribe to your Comic Life creations - your unwavering fans can get the latest issue 'hot off the press!'. You can even transfer images back and forth online with iPhoto sharing!

"Great application"

This easy to use and handy application allows you making comics out of your photos and images. Comic life has extremely intuitive interface. There is no need to be a computer genius to understand how it works. Even my younger brother have used it for making funny collages and comics. Simply drag and drop photos to the application window and have fun. It offers lot of customization options, fonts, styles. I enjoyed using this application. I could even make a snapshot and import it to Comic life window. No doubt, you should try this app.

  • easy to use
  • user friendly interface
  • make comics and funny collages
  • so far did not find any drawbacks

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02 Jul 2015

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