Comic Life

Comic Life 1.3.6

Create a real life comic!

Comic Life is a fun application that lets you create a real life comic with your photos and images! View full description


  • Easy editing
  • Webcam capture
  • Comic lettering and bubbles
  • Great fun to use


  • Can use a lot of RAM


Comic Life is a fun application that lets you create a real life comic with your photos and images!

This application is super-easy to work with. In fact, using it feels more like playing around - you can drag and drop your images onto the interface, arrange them onto a page, drag over speech bubbles and enter your text.

Comic Life offers bunches of shapes, forms and lettering with styles reminiscent of the best cartoons and comics. All can be customized from the style attributes tab on the right. We also liked the filters, which lets you give a real atmosphere to your photos, like turning them into a scene from Sin City. Comic Life also features loads of templates and themes that you can start off with.

Importing pictures into Comic Life is easy, as you'll only need to drag and drop them from your desktop or pick straight from the preview pane in the application. Even more, you can use your webcam or DV camera to take snaps and post them immediately into your comic strip. This is a paid app, but you’ll be able to try Comic Life free for a while – and it’s well worth it!

Very intuitive and loaded with features, Comic Life is a great way to have fun with your pictures - highly recommended.


  • If a file is incomplete (for example the computer was turned off during a save), Comic Life will try to open the file with a warning message
  • Saving now replaces the original file once successfully completed
  • Improved compatibility when opening up Comic Life files created on a Mac
  • The default camera device used in the "Capture" tab can now be changed (double click on the video view and a 'Video Source' dialog will show up, if supported.)
  • Explorer view now remembers the last folder viewed
  • Only Image files are now shown in the Explorer view
  • Fixed redraw issues when using "Undo"
  • Improved stability when browsing photos on a Mapped Network Drive
  • Fixed a stability issue sometimes caused by resizing multiple items
  • Moving an image out of a panel, saving and then closing the document no longer brings up a crash dialogue
  • General stability improvements

Expand what you can do with your digital photos! With a comprehensive set of features, Comic Life gives you numerous ways to explore your creativity - liven up holiday snaps, tell a story, even create how-to guides. This award winning software is fun and useful for kids and...big kids!

Comic Life gives you a super-quick and easy way to create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums and enticing instruction booklets to name a few of the many possibilities. And not forgetting... easy comic emailing, pasting to external applications, iWeb publishing, rotatable captions & panels and more!

Included are professional and fun templates, ready to drag and drop onto your page for instant attractive photo layouts. Or if you like to be in control, position your photos and panels how you like and save them for later use.

Zero Learning Curve

So easy, you and your dog will be making comics and emailing them to family and friends in minutes

Be the hero you are

Want a more authentic-looking comic? Now you can apply filters to your photos to make them look printed, hand-drawn, painted and even 'night vision', among others. 16 included filters expand your creative palette, making ordinary photos... Marvelous!

Integrate... the world

Share your creations with friends and family! Comic Life supports HTML, QuickTime and JPEG exports, so you can share on your website, blog or via email

Comic Life


Comic Life 1.3.6

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    "Get rid of the trial"

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    "Me ha encantao "

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    "New user"

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